TrustedSec can assist or perform incident response (IR) activities for a number of scenarios.

Whether faced with a disgruntled employee, malicious insider, hackers, a large-scale breach, or you need assistance as an expert witness for litigation support, TrustedSec assists victim organizations with containment and remediation, ensuring damage and impact are minimized. TrustedSec can help identify how attackers are accessing your environment, determine how to mitigate the attackers access and help prevent future attacks We utilize industry accepted and top-of- class hardware and software for performing Incident Response to ensure quick and accurate results. The techniques used by TrustedSec are admissible in a court of law, ensure appropriate chain of custody, and maintain the highest quality standards.

Tactics & Tools That Work

TrustedSec employs industrial-grade write blockers, forensics examination equipment, and industry acclaimed Encase Forensics edition. Our forensics kit supports several different hardware write blockers, direct cloning/imaging technology, and forensics audio analysis tools. TrustedSec’s hardware is the latest in forensics technology allowing for rapid acquisition of hard disk drives, without losing any functionality, integrity, or accuracy.

  • Admissible evidence into litigation scenarios
  • Proper handling of evidence, with rapid discovery and acquisition
  • Clear and concise results around what was discovered
  • Senior level resources assigned to the project
  • Litigation support and assistance during court cases
  • Electronic Discovery (e-Discovery) for ongoing litigation

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