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Difference @ TrustedSec

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, TrustedSec is an IT Security Consulting company, made up of researchers, hackers, advisors, who all share a passion for Security. Information Security does not need to be complex. Our mission: to help organizations defend against threats of all kind and change the security industry for the better. Simple and challenging. Behind closed doors you will find us researching, developing new tools, conducting training classes, keynoting and presenting at conferences throughout the world.

Our team has been handpicked not only for their expert technical skills, but for their ethical character and dedication to making an impact – acting together in a mission to evolve and enhance the InfoSec community. We provide services to companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100 to small businesses. TrustedSec is here to help develop and improve your Security Program. Our foundation and principles are rooted in ALWAYS doing the right thing. Our relationship-driven reputation is why TrustedSec is your trusted source for Information Security.

Who Is TrustedSec?

The start of TrustedSec was to focus on what matters the most around protecting the enterprise, building on the foundation with consultants who you can trust. It wasn’t about building a company up and the glory and fame around all that. It was about doing the right thing for the information security industry. What we look for in people is the type of people we are…people with passion, drive and really wanting to make a difference. Where information security is not just a job but a way of life.

Life @ TrustedSec

TrustedSec is in OH, but you can find our team sprinkled throughout the country. You can expect a TrustedSec employee to indulge in trolling on social media, upholding loyalty, racing in Mario Kart (champs all day, every day), drive and diligence around the clock, ridiculous pranks, and Mexican for lunch. When you check into TrustedSec Syndicate Word Headquarters & Intergalactic Security Outpost you will hear banter and laughter, a constant throughout the day. David Kennedy has hand selected each member of the TrustedSec Fam, ensuring that the bond within TrustedSec is a definitive piece to the company’s success.

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